3.5 by 2.5 inches


Rubellite is the dark pink tourmaline stone of the Borosilicate or Elbaite mineral family. It is usually found more transparent than its sister Pink Tourmaline and is more valued for its coloration and its clarity. Here is a strong feminine stone that unites the heart with the first, or base, chakra. Again, it is engaging the feminine to recall the power of gentleness women have forgotten. 

    Centuries ago, women were seen as strong leaders in the world. The powers of the feminine were stripped not only from women in the earthly sense of land and possessions but also from their psyches. The memories of power, not dominance, in overseeing the earth and all her domain have sunken deep within the unconscious mind of all humans until now. Women, and men alike, are awakening to their inner strengths and Rubellite supports this awakening. 


    Rubellite says, “Balance”. Balance in your life, balance in your emotions, balance in your heart. Balance in your life reminds you that all things are of impermanence while you are here. Balance in your emotions reminds you to keep all experiences in perspective; nothing need to hold any greater or lesser value. Rubellite helps to keep all emotions in balance with the heart's ideal of love and the first chakras' ability to transform the idea of survival into the idea of thriving in all you do.  

Rubellite - Pink Tourmaline Specimen - Rare