A Magnificent Beauty .


Rose Quartz draws love and peace to the heart. It is valuable for healing wounds of the heart. Everything flows to and from the heart, and placing a Rose Quartz at the heart during times of stress soothes and eases anxiety and allows you to take a deep breath you may not have realized you were holding.



Vogel Cut Crystals are natural quartz crystals that are

carefully cut in conformance to the findings and teachings of

Marcel Vogel (1917-1991). The crystals are cut in a specific

way that maximizes the collection, amplification, and

transmission of the Universal Life Force Energy also often

referred to as "Chi" or simply "energy".

These crystals are used in meditation, energy work (Reiki),

and clearing work.



-You must first start with natural quartz. Man-made

material will not perlorm the same.

-The crystal must be hand-cut with the necessary

intent, skill, and understanding of the crystal and its

intended uses.

-The crystal must be double terminated and cut and

polished to this shape.

-The crystal must be cut completely aligned with the C

axis of the quartz crystal.

-The receptive end of the crystal (sometimes called the

female end) must be faceted forming an internal angle

of 51 degrees.

-This is the same angle as the angle of the sides of the

Great Pyramid at Giza

-The crystal must have four or more side facets.

The transmitter (sometimes referred to as the , male)

end of the crystal must be faceted with a more acute

internal angle than the receptive end.


"Love is the primary unit of life."

- Marcel Vogel



2.25 inches long x 5 inch wide

.05 lbs

Rose Quartz 12-Sided Vogel

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