Raw Moldavite Pendant on Cord -9gr

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  • Moldavite - Leather Cord Adjustable  6in to 12 in Drop


    ***Last Photo shows natural signature of The Moldavite Pendant Pictured***

    Estimated to have occurred about 14 million years ago, they are believed to created by a meteor that impacted with enough velocity that it vaporized itself and the surrounding material. These vapors were ejected back into the upper atmosphere where they solidified and rained back down as solids. Only found in the Moldau River Valley in the Czech Republic. It is a stone of transformation; brings positive life changes in an accelerated manor.; tends to affect dreams by creating deep delta levels and lucid dreaming. It allows you to work through and heal deep hidden issues from conscious awareness. A Heart Chakra stone and multi-chakra balancer.  


    DISCLAIMER: The properties listed here are energetic and metaphysical. We've included some physical aliments and mental health conditions that some crystals are rumored to be helpful for. We are not able to guarantee any results when  working with crystals, and information compiled here must NOT be taken as medical advice, or substituted for it. If you have a physical ailment or mental health concern, definitely consult your doctor and/or a mental health professional.