Moldavite - Leather Cord Adjustable  6in to 12 in Drop


***Last Photo shows natural signature of The Moldavite Pendant Pictured***

Moldavite is created from outer space dust and gases combined with Earth gases at approximately 25,000 miles per hour. As a meteorite hits the earth at an angle, it is launched back into space taking Earth debris with it before hitting into the Earth and melting the Silica Dioxide and Aluminum Oxide in the immediate vicinity of impact. Holding both outer space and earth elements it is an inter-dimensional stone and connecter to our star brothers and sisters.


Moldavite invites you to open up the channel to alternate spiritual levels and teachers on multiple levels and to Source Itself. Continual work with Moldavite will raise your frequencies higher and higher and will activate the chakra system and pranic tube to a greater ability to hold higher and more vibrant vibrations as well as activating and clearing the nervous system for greater physical potential.


Yes, Moldavite invites you to fly, but remember, Soul Purpose is to raise the Earth’s vibration to Ascension frequencies, so consider your healing in alignment with the Earth by using Moldavite with some grounding stones like Hematite, Pyrite, Obsidian, or even Amethyst or Rose Quartz.


58.50 per gram

Raw Moldavite Pendant on Cord -9gr

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