Rare Blue Amber Skull

SKU: 996
Crystal: Amber
  • The rarer Blue Amber can be used at the fifth chakra or sixth chakra. If using it at the sixth chakra, place it directly on the third eye to release any blocks you might have to intuitive work, such as clairvoyance or channeling. When placed at the fifth chakra, it can help you speak with more fluidity and confidence.

    Blue Amber can also have a stimulating affect when it shows internal redness. This means that on the surface the mineral will appear blue, but will be seen as deep red when looking through its center. The blue and red together emit a purple ray that can unit the first and seventh chakras to unite the entire chakra system.

    Copal, many times referred to as Amber, is actually a “younger Amber” and not yet fossilized. It is less expensive than natural Baltic or African Ambers but will still have the same attributes as golden Amber. Amber, which begins as copal, but losses its organic compounds through extreme heat and pressure, thus creates a more stable mineral.