Smokey Quartz Cluster with encrusted Yellow Lepidolite Specimen

21cm L x 12 cm W x 13 cm D

3.3 kg / 7.26 lbs


Connects to 1st Chakra


Smokey Quartz: A natural emotional "roto-rootor" to assist in releasing unwanted energies. Good for depression, fatigue, ambivalence; Grounding; Good for trouble focusing; Clears negativity and emotional blockages.


Connects to 4th Chakra


Lepidolite: Calms and balances the mental and emotional body; Relieves anxiety, stress and tension wherever it’s placed; Balances body’s electrolytes [especially during higher energies bombardments]; Helpful in bypassing “short circuits” in your programming; Reduces stress; Relieves depression; Halts obsessive thoughts; Good during transition; Induces positive change.


"This is a large, exceptionally constructed, Smokey point with the rare Yellow Lepidolite encrusting the bottom. Both Smokey Quartz and Lepidolite are working on the nervous system, to bring down anxieties of overwhelm and promote a sense of groundedness. Pictures don't do justice to the majesty of this piece." -Lau


DISCLAIMER: The properties listed here are energetic and metaphysical. We've included some physical ailments and mental health conditions that some crystals are rumored to be helpful for. We are not able to guarantee any results when working with crystals, and information compiled here must NOT be taken as medical advice, or substituted for it. If you have a physical ailment or mental health concern, definitely consult your doctor and/or a mental health professional. 

Quartz Cluster with Yellow Lepidolite

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