Polished Pale Amethyst Dolphin Carving

142.4 g

9 cm L x 3 cm W x 6 cm D


Connects to the 3rd and 6th Chakras


Amethyst: The stone of the higher self; long called the soul stone and associated with the "Purple Ray" of St. Germaine; a powerful helper for all those coming out of silence to again embody higher consciousness; *reduces hyperactivity & increases self-esteem.


"First off, this little dolphin has been carved in such a way where there is a distinct white mineral that formed his nose. This is a sweet, unique, and actually, incredibly calming piece of art. Amethyst is known to protect vulnerable auric fields, especially during times of sleep or meditation. It can help ground chaotic energies like those of addiction or anxiety and aide in reaching a level of peace/control. This dolphin would be ideal for anyone looking to include more water and flow into their energy." -Lau


Pale Amethyst Dolphin Carving

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