White with Dark Moonstone Polished Lingam

8" L x 4" W 

3.72 kg / 8.2 lbs


Connects to All Chakras 


Moonstone carries the spiritual energy into the physical level; Helps you use your heart and mind for earthly healing; Balances the emotional body & promotes harmony; Good for mild depression; *for nervous stomach. For new beginnings; Helps you to focus on the positive aspect of change; Calms energy; balances masculine and feminine energies.


"I was so excited to upload this Moonstone lingam, first because it's a unique construction, but mostly, because it's energy is pleasant, calming, like a wonderful hug. Moonstone allows us to tap into our intuition, allowing us to take it into our physical manifestation. With its harmonizing of the Yin and Yang, it stands as a wonderful tool for an evolving business or a new coupling." -Lau


Pillow is not included



Moonstone Lingam

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