Hand-Wrapped Manihar Crystal Quartz with Sterling Silver

Created by Ashemé, Owner of The Crystal Matrix

10.5 cm L (w/Wrap) x 2 cm W x 3 cm D

71.7 g


Connects to All Chakras


Clear Quartz Crystal is the focal point for all transformation. It has the ability to transfer information and thought, it carries ideas through itself and into another time, place or even dimension; Holds the clarity of itself and supports your dreams and wishes; It will amplify whatever you transmit and whatever is around it; Stone of power; Master healer; Purifies and energizes all energy bodies and crystals; Transmits energy and thought.


"Sterling Silver wraps this beautiful Manihar Crystal Quartz right around the middle of the piece where there seems to be a meeting of both points. When I held this piece it was exuding positive and very tuned energies, I believe when tuned, this crystal can be utilized by a practitioner as one of their principal pendants." -Lau


Manihar, India

Manihar Quartz Wrapped Pendant

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