Polished Circular Larimar with Five-Faceted Blue Topaz Crystals

6.4 g

4cm L (w/ Bale) x 2cm W x 1cm D




Connects to 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th Chakras


The stone for Earth healing. A white and aqua stone with inclusions of black --- Releases restraints of guilt; Used for dimensional and cellular work; Represents peace & clarity; Good for stimulation of the Heart, Throat, 3rd & Crown chakras; Helps balance and re-open 3rd Chakra from shutting down since Atlantis; For *rest & pleasant dreams; Reduces hyperactivity.




Connects to 5th Chakra (Throat/Ear) and 6th Chakra (Third Eye)


Stone that brings joy and generosity. Manifestation of good health. 



"An eccentric and elegant design with both curves and straight lines. Two very powerful minerals shaped in a modest and striking pendant." -Lau


Larimar- Dominican Republic

Larimar x Blue Topaz Pendant

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