Polished Larimar Teardrop Pendant set on Sterling Silver

Grade AA

28.9 g

6cm L (w/ Bale) x 3.5cm W x 1cm D



Connects to 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th Chakras


The stone for Earth healing. A white and aqua stone with inclusions of black --- Releases restraints of guilt; Used for dimensional and cellular work; Represents peace & clarity; Good for stimulation of the Heart, Throat, 3rd & Crown chakras; Helps balance and re-open 3rd Chakra from shutting down since Atlantis; For *rest & pleasant dreams; Reduces hyperactivity.


"One of the larger polished Larimar pendants we have at the store. A large piece of a beautiful mineral whose deep and emotionally-stimulating effects vibrate throughout it gently and constantly." -Lau


Dominican Republic

Larimar Teardrop Pendant

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