Large Titanium Aura Quartz Point

16.25 oz

16.5cm L x 6cm W x 4cm D


Connects to All Chakras


Titanium Aura Quartz:

Titanium Quartz (quartz in a titanium vapor coating) resides in the shadow of silence and darkness. Not a stone to be used without great care, it can, and will, remove negativity and obstacles from wherever it is placed. Holding the directness and power of a quartz crystal, this transformed mineral can now direct its energy into the shadows and release obstacles while transforming them into the opalescent light of the higher dimensions. Titanium Quartz is definitely a must, but use it with caution.


"I can try to explain this specimen in a few words: UNEXPLAINABLE. It is absolutely gorgeous, made with these incredibly vibrant colors. Holding it in person, it has very strong energy flowing through. Admiring it in the light= a whole afternoon planned." -Lau

Large Titanium Aura Point

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