3200 grams/ 7 Lbs

Approx. 7 inches Wide x 6.25 inches Tall x 8 inch Base


  A medium to large Quartz Cluster can also be used to energize other smaller Clusters or individual crystals after they have been used in a healing session or during meditation. Crystals can become tired after use, whether personal or as a worker during a crystal healing session.


They need to be cleared after use by smudging, soaking in a salt bath, or in a lavender bath for 24-48 hours. But, after being cleaned, a crystal should also be re-energized by sunlight, moonlight or by placing it into the crevices of its mother form…a Quartz Cluster.


  Besides its obvious beauty to the environment, a Quartz Cluster is one of the true gifts of the Mineral Kingdom.  

Large Himalayan Quartz Cluster