Adjustable Labradorite bracelet with bright blue labradorescence.

Sterling Silver

Stone dimensions: 2.5"Lx1.5"W

Labradorite Cuff Bracelet

SKU: 16145
Crystal: Labradorite
  • Associated with the fifth and sixth chakras. Working with Labradorite is like visiting another galactic star system. It will support your inner destiny so that you can fully utilize the many gifts you chose before birth. In fact, Labradorite creates a stronger intuitive connection with all Star Systems. It will bring the intuitive mind into a deeper connection with the intellect. The subconscious mind is strengthened and supported with the use of Labradorite and your inner messages will become clearer and more concise while using it.

    It can symbolize both the sun and the moon, so it is in perfect balance between the dark and light and brings understanding to any duality in your life. Balancing between dark and light will create a greater resiliency to any changes you encounter. It will also leave you feeling positive during any negative experiences and support you energetically when you are feeling overwhelmed with how much is still unfinished in your life. Labradorite is one of the few multiple-use stones for any occasion and any situation. This stone can even help you relax for a good night’s sleep, leaving you feeling rested and invigorated for the new day.