8mm Kunzite Crystal Beads.


Kunzite, the second of the Heart Chakra Trinity stones, expresses the love that grows inside us. Letting go of old fears and sorrows is possible aa you work with or wear this stone. Energy moves through the striations of this stone at a more accelerated rate than with other stones.


Anyone wearing Kunzite will experience a raised vibration, as will anyone close to the wearer. You will also find negative energies and thoughts more easily dissolved when wearing Kunzite.


Kunzite touches deep within the Lode Star of the heart re-establishing forgotten dialogues of the Heart’s Purpose and the Soul’s Desire. After wearing Kunzite you will find your abilities to communicate love, understanding and compassion re-awakened. Kunzite tells you to stay in the present, express love to yourself and shine that love out to everyone you meet.

Kunzite Bracelet