Origin - Herkimer New York 

1.5 inches wide and long.


Herkimer Diamond Crystals are small, exceptionally clear, double

Terminated quartz crystals, and always barrel-shaped. Unlike other crystas

Herkimers do not generally have to be chemically cleaned before market,

they just naturally shine like Diamonds. True Herkimers are found only in Herkimer County, New York and are becoming almost impossible to find in the commercial market.

Consequently, this is another crystal to be sure to ask for by brand name.

True Herkimers are the power horse of the Crystal Clan, no matter what

their size. The size of any Herkimer has little, if any, impact on its energy and

power. Herkimers are excellent for generating and maintaining smooth and

balanced energy flow wherever you need it, anytime you need it.



Herkimer Diamond - A

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