If you are someone who struggles with constant daydreaming, Green Opal can help. This stone assists in clearing one's mind and raising awareness of one’s surroundings. Constantly we forget to take in our environment due to the number of distractions around us. Green Opal reminds us to live in the moment and enjoy what’s around us, not what’s distracting us.


Oh those beautiful opals! 

    Opals have long had a reputation for mystery and bad luck. The mystery is real...the bad luck is an old wive's tale. 

    Precious Opals are fire in water and hold the vibrancy of all the color frequencies in one package. Precious Opals are the most widely used in jewelry and are found in Australia. White Precious Opal carries intense spiritual energy that can only be described as being in the Divine Light. This stone reflects all the higher dimensions leading to the 14th. Because it works on the emotional aura, it can intensify either the positive or the negative emotions for each of us. Precious Opals will ask you to let go of any unhealthy energies you may be holding onto, propelling to into the higher dimensions and beyond. 

Green Opal Sphere - Peru