Faden Quartz Ring on a Sterling Silver Mold with Faceted Blue Sapphires 

Size 8

12.3 g


Faden Quartz-


Connects to All Chakras


Faden Quartz reflects the ideal, spiral crystalline Divine Plan of how evolution has adapted to Earth, her people and her potentials. It contains the seeds of Earth’s growth and spiritual evolution. Even if Quartz is found on other planets, for us, it perfectly mirrors that of DNA found in everything alive on Earth. It is representational of the basic form that Light takes when becoming physical matter. It is our reflection and mirror; it is our history and future records of all we are about to do. It reminds us to accept and become the Divine’s perfect vehicle to express Light as Love.




Connects to 5th, 6th, and 7th Chakras


Sapphire clears toxic physical conditions, especially helping the lymphatic system and lungs. It facilitates the electro-magnetic flow of the body and units the brain and nervous system. When someone is uncertain of receiving or accepting Light into the body, Sapphire can help by using it as an elixir to spray onto the skin, opening up the cells to greater acceptance of its environment.


"When I saw this ring I gasped out loud, I thought I was back in time, or in another universe. It has a claw-like design that holds this beautiful Faden Quartz piece that is adorned with Blue Sapphires, faceted and twinkling like the night stars or a peek inside a treasure chest in the sky. An absolute treasure." -Lau

Faden Quartz Ring with Blue Sapphires

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