Drilled Charoite Pendant

15.8 g

3.5 cm L x 2.75 cm W x 0.50 cm D


Connects to 6th and 7th Chakras, Causal Chakras



Assists in creating new thought patterns and beliefs; and in regulating fearful dreams. Helpful in moving you closer to soul alignment; retrieving dream thoughts more easily on awakening and re-regulating sleep patterns. Black Aegrine brings clearer understanding to outward endeavors and soul maturation. Tinaksite opens up the pathways of illuminations to more clearly interpret the unconscious into consciousness; a special angelic stone to help Earth make it’s transformative leap; Cleanses aura, stimulates unconditional love; Aids in decision making; Facilitates acceptance of others.


"Drilled right in the middle, ideal to change up the necklace to a leather, faux-leather, or hemp option, depending on the occasion. A beautiful polished Charoite with the Aegerine flecks peeking through. The chord isn't included with purchase." -Lau

Drilled Charoite Pendant

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