Amber is not a rock, but a fossilized resin most commonly found in hues of golden-yellow to yellow-brown. It can also grow in hues of green, red and blue.
     Amber shows strong healing qualities for assisting the body in self healing. It has a long history of absorbing and transmuting negative energy. Rather than deflecting the negative energy of either the wearer or someone in the wearers vicinity, Amber literally absorbs these energies, taking the negativity into itself and transmuting it into positive energy. The best way to clean Amber under these circumstances is to sit it in a full sun to moon to sun cycle, or outside for 24-48 hours in pure, unfiltered sunlight. It can also be gently smudged with sage smoke.

Dark Amber Pendant SS

SKU: 11899
Dimension: 2 in long 1 in wide


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