Polished Clear Quartz Skull with Chlorite

58.68 oz / 3.56 lb

4" H x 3.25" W x 5.5" D


"This polished Crystal Quartz skull has inclusions of Green Chlorite throughout the side of his cranium. Shaped like a crown. Chlorite is a very useful mineral for the cleansing of the auric body, this skull is meant to accompany someone in their healing path as a close ally."


Clear Quartz Crystal:

The focal point for all transformation. It has the ability to transfer information and thought, it carries ideas through itself and into another time, place or even dimension; Holds the clarity of itself and supports your dreams and wishes; It will amplify whatever you transmit and whatever is around it; Stone of power; Master healer; Purifies and energizes all energy bodies and crystals; Transmits energy and thought.


Chlorite Phantom Quartz Skull

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