High A  Grade Quality . Origin : Brasil


Quartz Crystal is nature’s natural transmitter. It will “pick-up” or mimic whatever energies it is around and it will collect the energy in its environment. It can gain more clarity in a loving, joyous environment and it can become cloudy and dark in a negative, fearful or angry environment. Its most useful and scientifically useful quality is known as the piezoelectric effect, which is the capacity to transform vibrations into an electrical current.

This effect allows the user to transfer thoughts (good or bad), intention or vibrations into the Quartz Crystal. The clearer and larger the Quartz Crystal point, the more amplified its transmission ability.


As well as using your Quartz Crystal for personal meditation and energy work, you can also place one in your home or office for rebalancing the environment, activating & clearing corner stagnation and much, much more. Cleaning your Quartz Crystal is essential to good crystal use or crystal healing therapy. The standard technique is to place your Quartz Crystal in sea salt or kosher salt water for 36-72 hours. 



Clear Quartz Point - C

  • Weight: 567 GRAMS , Height: approx.3.5  inches, Width: Approx. 3.5 Inches,   base width : 4 Inches