Citrine Vogel Pendant (4 in wide , 5in long ) w/ SS Chain ( 8-9 in drop).


 Similar to the four-sided Marcel Vogel “water” cut crystals of the ’70s.


Citrine Vogel Pendant w/ SS Chain

SKU: 14127
  • Citrine is telling you that now is the time to put your dreams into action. It will not serve you to postpone those things that need to be done, either in your private life or your public life. Bring in the joy so that the heavens can open from above to enlist themselves for your benefit. You are about to manifest all that you can imagine... and more. Endless possibilities are avaialable and awaiting you, take advantage of the help the universe has to offer.  Are you ego driven or personality inspired? If the ego is driving the show, then you may be thinking too hard, trying to hard and getting in your own way. Sometimes the best way to live life is by letting it flow through you rather than getting your hands dirty with messing everything up. Learn to trust yourself and believe in who you are and what you stand for. Sit back and enjoy the ride. 


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