10mm Chrysocolla and Cuprite Crystal Beads.


Chrysocolla calms the lower chakras - base, naval and solar plexus - by grounding the energies associated with them and creating energetic balance. Due to its connection to the earth and heart energies, Chrysocolla is a very good tool for communication with the earth and her elements. This is an excellent stone during healing to learn what, and where, needs to be healed within the earth, and upon her surface; including the plants, waterways, and creatures.


  Chrysocolla is a universal energy that can heal on all levels, especially with a focus in third dimension. This stone elevates human consciousness and your understanding of what is considered mundane in the physical realm. With this stone, you can stay grounded while raising your perceptions of the cosmic and your spiritual potential. Chrysocolla is part of the Divine Plan to expand Earth’s great potential of universal and earthly love. To quote, “The love we make is equal to the love we take”; this has never been truer than now.

Chrysocolla / Cuprite Bracelet