Black tourmaline has always been one of my go-to stones if I find myself in an area of aggression or anger. Wearing a Black Tourmaline crystal with termination (point, or termination, down) has been a strong protection amulet that I highly recommend. The deflective energy of the stone helps in averting negativity from entering the aura; it can also aid the release of any negativity from the aura of the wearer that might be harmful to others.

Energetically, Black Tourmaline has successfully transmuted its energies from the physical (200 years ago) to the emotional (30 years ago) to the spiritual realms (present time). This mineral not only works with the physical dimensions, but it currently supports the light by working in companionship with minerals like Selenite and Quartz, but it actively works in conjunction with Topaz and Aquamarine to draw greater energy of light rays and higher consciousness to the planet.

By wearing, or carrying, a piece of Black Tourmaline with an Imperial Topaz or an Aquamarine you will help clear the Higher Self, and guide the I AM energies into your being.

Using an Aquamarine (point in, receiving side) and a Black Tourmaline (point out, giving-side) you can clear the aura of any negative residue while drawing in the Higher Self for clearer communication of what is coming to you.

Using an Imperial Topaz (point in, receiving side) and a Black Tourmaline (point out, giving-side) you will open the passageways to the I AM Presence. This conscious invitation toward the I AM Presence will bring greater communication with your own Divine Nature. You are now weaving higher light forces into the aura, and your environment.

Both of these activations are what we currently need and Tourmaline is the transformative mineral grounding these higher frequencies. (In the last 30 years, I have only seen Quartz transform and transmute in this way. It is very exciting!)

Black Tourmaline Rods - Pair