2" X 1.75" X 2"

Balinese Hard Card Bone Skull

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  • While some people see Skulls as macabre, of decay and death, Skulls are philosophically and metaphysically seen as the seat of intelligence and a sign of strength, power, divinity, and creation.  They have been used since ancient times as tools of enlightenment and renewal, reminding us of the impermanence of life, the connection that we each have to all living beings, and the power we can tap into by aligning ourselves with the ancestors. The ancestral connection may be of our loved ones, or an animal spirit ally.

    Archaeologists have found skulls tossed in the Celtic sacred wells. The symbolism of water is of cleansing, purification, and fluidity of emotions; and Skulls were seen as the seat of power. For the Celts, hurling a skull into a sacred well indicates an intent of cleansing the soul or renewal for the soul.


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