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The Zeolites: Apophyllite and Stilbite


Apophyllite enables the light-body to hold more spiritual resonance in the physical. This is a great stone for the current changes and accelerations we’re experiencing. Apophyllite creates a positive atmosphere while in a negative environment or situation. It reminds us that there is no place for fear or negativity when we are surrounded by light and angelic helpers.


This stone creates a conscious connection between the physical and the spiritual realms. It easily opens up all aspects of your awareness to higher dimensional life forms and inter-dimensional information. It reminds us that these inter-dimensional aspects are a normal part of our inner lives and thus our outer lives. The more frequently we work with Apophyllite the more it opens our abilities to see the universal love in all situations, and in all beings.


As an aid to astral travel, Apophyllite provides a clear remembrance to the physical form, providing a strong connection to Self during astral travel. This strong connection allows you to hold the memory of what you experienced and learned while traveling so you can retain what you the information to access and use in a practical and useful way.


Use an Apophyllite pyramid on the Third Eye to enhance and stimulate your intuitive visions. Try gazing through the bottom of a pyramid to find a “star-gate” when you choose to astral travel.


As an elixir, this mineral helps relieve symptoms of asthma or emphysema. It is healing and strengthening for the lungs. Place a grid of Apophyllite in the four corners of your room to also ease asthmatic symptoms. Placing a grid of four pyramids in your room will also enhance your dreamwork and raise the vibration for of any location.



Stilbite is a Zeolite growing with Apophyllite. It coloration combines the energy of the heart/fourth chakra with mental/third chakra. It is a soft stone at 3.5-4.o on the MOHS hardness scale. It is found in white, pink, grey, yellow, orange and brown.


Stilbite is used to heal the heart chakra and create an emotional strength. This vulnerable, yet expansive energy expands outwardly in all directions into a strong awareness of Light giving not earthly limitations of physical form.


Use your Stilbite for calmness, as an aid restful sleep and to stimulate dreams. Keep a piece of Stilbite in your pillowcase or at your bedside 


When Stilbite grows in same formation with Apophyllite the combination creates a gentler more comfortable access to inter-dimensionality and they bring the heart and mind together to function as one.


Stilbite also enhances mental focus and helps separate personal thought from collective thought. It can shield the mind from external influences or unconscious psychic information, enhancing personal mental focus. It can create calmness and focus when you are overwhelmed by too many tasks or expectations. It can also help with ADD & ADHD by assisting mental balance.


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