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Stone of The Month : Carnelian

Part of the hexagonal quartz family [SiO2], Carnelian is an orange agate or chalcedony. Most usually found in India, Brazil & Uruguay near dormant volcanic activity. It is a clear quartz with ferric oxide or hydrated ferric oxide inclusions that create the yellow to deep red coloration. It will be translucent to semi-translucent, and it does not crystalize, or grow terminations like its clear quartz relative.

Mostly associated with the Second Chakra, Carnelian supports true emotional authenticity, confidence and courage to be yourself. Use your Carnelian to create the bridge between the body (1st Chakra) and the mind (3rd Chakra). This is an ‘action stone’ supporting you to balance your emotions and your feelings with true authenticity. It will help you maintain focus during activities, including meditation. It also helps eliminate absentmindedness and confusion. Use Carnelian for releasing sorrow and fear. Use Carnelian on the kidneys, the lower back, on the ovaries and spleen.

Placed at the 2nd Chakra, Carnelian will create flow for this chakra; it is recommended for easing menses cramps and can support the uterus for conception. Because 2nd and 5th Chakras work as a unite or couple, you can use your Carnelian at 5th Chakra when you experience chronic throat problems. Held at the throat, it will eliminate clogs and open this chakra up for clearer expression and a stronger personal voice.

This is a great stone for your collection and a must to place in your pockets for ease and flow throughout your day.


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