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Spirit Speaks : September 2021

September 2021

You are in the middle of a void between time and space. Multiple parallel realities are ebbing and flow around you constantly. You are experiencing this as uneasiness, and occasional volatility, and stress. Relax. The more you can relax into these new energies, the more comfortable you will allow your energy to become. This is not a test, it is not a temporary condition that may be ignored or postponed. This is your new reality upon the planet and one in which you are the architect of its outcome. This new paradigm of the “in-between” is an elongated moment of space and time, reality and no reality, beginnings and endings and as such you will be asked to envision what you would have the new reality look like.

While these shifts and realignments are being composed, we advise that you stay within the center of your energy field. Follow your spiritual practices, meditate, pause, watch from afar, be aware of what your body needs to stay strong and resilient. All these parts are but portions of the whole. The more familiar you become with being in the center of yourself, the more easily it will be to practice observation rather than being engulfed in participation. The sacred observer, or sacred witness, is essential at this time to energetically negotiate the shifts that are occurring. And, always…as above, so below. The intense changes on your planet are both the reflection of the emotions of the souls who are participating amongst themselves and the stressful actions and interactions of these souls are the reflection of the great internal stresses of the planet. These things are not yours to stop nor alter, they are essentially yours to witness, practice calmness within yourself, and when possible assist in easing of the stresses and changes taking place for others. It is your soul’s commitment to ease the way of this confusion for those in your vicinity and environment. There is nothing to be afraid of, unless it is the compulsion to stop the natural law of chaos and reconfiguration.

Hold to your truths; those truths that you have reawakened to and worked so hard to heal and resolve. This healing, each healing, assists the planet in readjusting with less internal violence and less external destruction. Again, your job is not to stop these movements but to be witness to the great healing and growth taking place in your lifetime. We ask you to see all this as a gift rather than a burden of entrapment.

Continue to hold to the light and the blessings of which we speak and which you are an integral component. Do not lose yourself in the chaos of the masses, but rather lose yourself in the structure of time and the great Light.

We Love You.

Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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