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Come back down to earth. Jasper is here reminding you to ground with the energy of your own power. If you've lost your serentiy along the way, Jasper will strengthen your self-confidence. Perhaps you need some added endurance and fi=ortitude in your endeavors? Well, Jasper is here to support you in that task.  Look around. Are there unjust circumstances in your life? Jasper will give you the added strength to rectify those circumstances and provide some rescue in tentive situations that may seem dangerous. Remember, progress is always forward movement, even when the going is slow. Don't lose sight of your goals before you reach the end. Jasper will give you the added support you need. 


Oracles have been used since man became curious. From Shamans throwing bones on a dirt floor, Kahunas reading shells in an island hut, or the wisdom Oracles at Delphi, seeing into a pool of sacred water, people have wanted to see into the realm of the unknown. Today, modern divination readers use tarot cards, shells, psychic skills and runes to receive information about the past, present and future. With training and practice, almost anyone can act as an oracle for friends and family.  Most oracles work upon two aspects for achieving a reading - the outer and the inner. The outer reading is accomplished by the recorded information of the divination tool's or oracle's symbols. The inner reading is achieved from specific interpretations the reader 'feels' from their own intuition. in some cases, this is an innate skill, while others may need to learn to trust their feelings.  Dragonstones are unique in their ability to connect with the reader through not just symbols, but through the ancient color and frequency of each individual stone.

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